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Our History

Greater Texas Metal Recycling Company, Inc. has been recycling metals since the early 1980’s.  A company goal to provide more comprehensive recycling and environmental services has led to the creation of RecycleHouston.com.  The core purpose of both entities is to assist industry, business, and individual consumers in recycling their reusable wastes and by-products in an environmentally responsible manner.  Driven by the company values of environmentalism and superior customer service, our mission is to assist in the promotion of a cleaner Texas and a sustainable future through sound environmental practices. We believe that being environmentally responsible should not be a cost of doing business, but a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunity, and wealth creation. We are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities our customers present us in their quest to be environmentally friendly. 

In addition to our 20 plus years of recycling experience, our organization consists of individuals with advanced degrees in Environmental Management as well as Business Administration.  This unique knowledge base affords us the ability to formulate cost effective strategies to achieve waste management and recycling goals; and devise organizational strategies that integrate all business functions in order to take advantage of present and anticipated recycling and environmental opportunities. We are dedicated to the highest commitment of customer service:  identifying, validating, and pursuing current customer needs, while anticipating future requirements. Most importantly, we plan on listening to you to determine what services you need and then try to develop customer centric “total solutions” for your recycling and environmental service needs. Superior environmental procedures can have a positive effect on an organization’s or an individual’s bottom line and increase profitability.

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